Destiny Manifest Ministries
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Ministry available via Skype for those outside Nashville area

Who We Help...

Those Needing Insight and Understanding: We help people who have the following questions: Why do I feel invisible? Why do I have the same destructive relationship patterns? Why have I always been plagued with fears and insecurity? Why don’t I feel loved by God or people? Why don’t I feel fulfilled even though I am doing “God’s work”? Why do I feel drained by the expectations of others? Why do I not feel valuable? Why do others not see my value? Where should I draw the line with my giving? How do I submit my gifts and strengths to God so that people do not take advantage? (2 Chronicles 9:7, Philemon 1:14, 1 Peter 5:2)

Leaders: Some individuals are natural leaders, well-educated, well-trained, and highly motivated, and yet cannot seem to fully realize their destiny. Many do not understand their value and unique design. Others feel a sense of having to perform for God’s acceptance and as a result do not find their true purpose. This can be found among the highest level corporate executives and ministers. God is in the business of restoring the inner foundation so His children’s destiny can manifest to the external world.

Couples: Committed couples who sincerely desire a healthy relationship are often confused with their inability to connect to one another. They feel as though they have hit an impasse. When they begin to understand how their own hurts and past experiences influence the relationship, they find restoration and healing. As they begin to understand their partner, they can become a supportive advocate in the process. Through practical knowledge and the leading of the Holy Spirit we help to identify the couple's core issues.

Those Needing Placement: Often the greatest strength of the individual is the greatest point of struggle. The Leader is often plagued by thoughts about their inability to lead. People gifted to connect at a deep level find themselves disconnected. The “enemy of our souls” (John 10:10) strikes us in our greatest strength; not only to discourage the use of our gifts, but to push us to overuse the gifts in order to deplete us. In addition, the years of God’s refining and testing (Psalm 105:17-22, 1 Peter 1:6-7), particularly for leaders, can bring about a great deal of discouragement (Hebrews 12:5). Understanding God’s processes and the “big picture” can be a great encouragement and help to clarify the unique role each person has in God’s kingdom.

Those Desiring Greater Intimacy With God: God often manifests His presence in an intimate way with those we minister. As we minister God’s understanding, compassion, and reassurance, people feel drawn into a deeper relationship with Him.