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Bruce and Jean Hammond


Bruce grew up in Northfield, Minnesota. He is descended from several generations of missionaries. His mother was raised in South Africa as missionary to the Zulu tribe.

Bruce’s life was profoundly affected at an early age when he experienced crippling emotional problems culminating at the age of twelve. When a minister gave him insights and brought freedom through the power of Jesus Christ, his life was forever changed and his walk with God took deep root.

Most of Bruce’s years growing up in the small town were concentrated on athletics, particularly football. He mostly kept his walk with Christ to himself during these years. He attended St.Olaf College, located in his hometown of Northfield. Although the school is known for it’s academics, Bruce’s primary focus was success on the football field. However, after some disappointing years at the sport, he felt convicted by God that his personal success had become more important than a relationship with the Lord. It was at this time, after a change of heart, that his inward walk with Christ began manifesting on the outside. Bruce began professing openly the relationship with God that had been mostly private previously. During this time God began pouring His Spirit out on college students. Bruce spent the next ten years working with a local pastor, ministering to many of these college students. Following his graduation from college, he also began a career in aviation.

In 1995 Bruce moved to Bentonville, Arkansas accepting a pilot position for Walmart’s corporate flight department. Bruce found God taking him out of a busy life of ministering to college students to a rather isolated time of both refining and restoration, a process which Bruce identifies in many leaders. After four years in Arkansas, Bruce was joined by his wife, Jean, who he met through a series of remarkable events. Bruce and Jean experienced God taking them through healing and restoration processes which not only restored their own souls, but equipped them with the skills to set others free.

In 2007 Bruce and Jean moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Shortly after moving, they realized God had something else in store for them outside the field of aviation; a ministry. It was also at this time that Bruce began having profound encounters with God. He was so overwhelmed by the size, majesty, and beauty of God that he was left speechless (Daniel 10:8) for days on end. Although a Christian for most of his life, these encounters made him feel as though he was just beginning his walk with God. Bruce believes that these kind of experiences are going to become more frequent as God reveals Himself to a younger generation of believers who seek to know God “as he really is".


Jean grew up in Golden Valley, Minnesota; a suburb of Minneapolis. The youngest of five, much of her childhood she felt out of place and her alcoholic father left Jean in constant fear. She learned to withdraw and lost her sense of self-expression. It would be years later that Christ Jesus would set her free from the childhood traumas.

After college at both the University of Minnesota and St. Cloud State, Jean spent many years searching for the Truth. These were lonely years of searching. She tried everything: Buddhism, scientology, hinduism, astrology, spiritual healers, new age, ...all left her without any answers.

1995 was the beginning of a new life. Jean finally found the Truth, when she, for the first time, experienced a dramatic, sudden presence of God in her room, followed by the simple question, “ because you feel a certain way does that make it true?” At the time Jean was feeling like no one loved her. This simple question made her realize the way that she had interpreted relationships with people, and with God, were not accurate. Many of the answers were to be found in a new relationship with Jesus which began when she started attending meetings with Australian evangelist Doug Stanton. Revival broke out and Jean spent every evening for four years soaking in the power, presence, and truth of God. She was deeply touched and began a restoration process.

Another dramatic change in Jean’s life came when she found an occupation that was right for her. Another fruitless process had been her search for a fulfilling job that actually suited her. She began working in Job placement which would actually lead to her life calling-she found that she had a knack for assessing peoples’ abilities, desires, and personal makeup.

In 1999 Jean met her husband Bruce through a series of remarkable events. Their unique meeting and subsequent marriage has inspired many. It is truly an example of how God perfectly meets the needs of His children when they trust in His goodness.

Soon after marrying Bruce, Jean left her native Minnesota and moved to Bentonville, Arkansas, where she began an even deeper restorative process with Bruce. With God as their teacher, Jean and Bruce began to understand the restoration process. The nearly 8 years in Arkansas were to be the foundation of their ministry. The fruit of the process has been “truth in the inner most being” (Psalm 51:6), something Jean sees as priceless. She also became aware of how compassionate and understanding God is with broken people. Jean is convinced that God desires to bring harmony to the spirit, soul and body.

In 2007 Jean and Bruce moved to Nashville, Tennessee where they bring insight, restoration, and healing. She encourages people to co-operate with a compassionate God in His processes of restoration and fulfillment. Her vision is to see people experience a constant assurance of God’s love and truth within their soul, something many Christians do not believe is possible.